Ventilated Facade

A protective layer to your building.

The idea of a ventilated facade derives from the cavity wall, which became a common building structure in the late 19th century. Cavity walls were cheaper to build than their solid counterpart, offering improved thermal insulation and better weather protection. Furthermore, expensive and more prestigeous material could be used for the thinner outer wall offering a better aesthetic finish. Air inlets in the outer wall provide ventilation and control of humidity.

A Ventilated Facade is a two-stage construction, comprising firstly, an inner load-bearing structure and secondly, the outer rainscreen and its mounting components. This outer skin protects the structure against the elements. A ventilated facade is ideal for the use in both new buildings and renovation projects. Another key feature of a Ventilated Facade is the air gap or cavity between the outer skin and the backing wall. This allows for a chimney-effect to take place, which in turn transports air through the system, ventilating the cavity, Depending on the nature of the joints between panels, a minute amount of 0.3-0.4% water penetration may occur. This will be easily dissipated however due to the ventilation effect

Below is a depiction of the principle of a Ventilated Facade system with the according air-flows on a cross section of a building.

  • Protects the buildings structure from humid conditions.
  • Shields building from sun radiation
  • Dissipates atmospheric heat alongside the building.
  • Enhances the interior building climate
  • Reduces cost of living by reducing electricity costs
  • Improved acoustic insulation.
  • Decorative design element.
  • Commercial facade
  • Residential and multi-residential
  • Public spaces – train stations, airports.
  • Tunnel linings and Noise barriers
  • Balustrades and ceilings
  • Hygienic interior environments – Hospitals and labs
  • For Interior applications

Fassco Products

The choice is yours​

We at the Facade Corporation offer a large and unique selection of FASSCO branded panels. All panels are surface finished by factory applied, weather resistant and durable, polymer coatings. This enables you to design the facade of the building not only in regard to the geometry of the panels, but particularly in terms of colours, light effects and CMYK prints.

Product Categories​

Our offering spans into two coating techniques:

  • Painted – Classic, Pearl, Touch
  • Printed – Desire
CLP Top-coat

We factory apply as specially devised surface finish, that is a light-cured resin that protects your panels from scratches, weathering and sun radiations. We call this our “CLP Shield”

For the products Classic, Pearl, Touch and Desire the CLP Shield comes as a standard issue for all.

FASSCO True comes natural with a hydrophobation surface treatment. You can choose to add a CLP Shield as an add-on called FASSCO True+.

To find out more about CLP technology Click Here

Benefits of Fibrecement​
  • Fire Proof – Non-combustible A2
  • No warping – Due to water repellent back coat.
  • Colour fade resistant – Paint is protected from sun radiation.
  • Anti Fungal – No risk of fungus or mould formation.
  • Open Joints – No silicone sealant = no dirt accumulation and reduced project costs.
  • 60 year proven service life – Strong and durable product.
  • Very low maintenance and easy cleaning – Even methylated spirits and pressure cleaner.
  • Noise Insulator – System reduces noise pollution by 15db.


To be able to offer a standardised system and way to convey your colour wish with our design department, research laboratory and
production facility, we have chosen the globally recognised Pantone colour system.
Pantone is a system provider working with codes that identify colours and facilitates communication.
We believe that this reduces errors and speeds up the overall production process.

Coating = 2,310 unique colours to choose from
Print = CMYK 2,868 achievable colours

As part of our coporate sustainable strategy, we aim to reduce the use of paper use where ever possible.
This starts with the traditionally used palette fanbooks. We invite you to explore the digital solutions for android and iOS:

We believe that this increases offering, facilitates interactivity, eases of communication, increases palette diversity and keeps you up to date with the latest trends.
Our sales team will happily navigate you through the system during one of our meetings.