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A surface you can feel

The Touch line offers a structured surface that come in vast and multi-colour spray finishes. Obtained by acrylic paints and textured aggregates, every panel is slighty different, giving your building a creative and abstract look.

Our FASSCO Touch panels consists of a non-combustible, rigid and high-strength fibrecement board, coated with several layers of weather resistant, decorative acrylic paints.
Finished with a cross-linked polymer resin acting as a top coat, this increases colour fade resistance and the removal of graffiti marks with solvents become an easy task.

Ideal for those wanting to attract an audience. This effect becomes more powerful as one approaches

  • Midnight Black
  • Picasso Grey
  • Starlight Express
  • Pharao Gold
  • Cream Gelato
  • Hunter Green
  • Golden Streak
Select your coating
  • Color Midnight Black
  • Color Picasso Grey
  • Color Starlight Express
  • Color Pharao Gold
  • Color Cream Gelato
  • Color Hunter Green
  • Color Golden Streak
Benefits of Fibrecement
  • Fire Proof –
    Non-combustible A2
  • No warping –
    Due to water repellent back coat.
  • Colour fade resistant –
    Paint is protected from sun radiation.
  • Anti Fungal –
    No risk of fungus or mould formation.
  • Open Joints –
    No silicone sealant = no dirt accumulation and reduced project costs.
  • 60 year proven service life –
    Strong and durable product.
  • Very low maintenance and easy cleaning –
    Even methylated spirits and pressure cleaner.
  • Noise Insulator –
    System reduces noise pollution by 15db.


To be able to offer a standardised system and way to convey your colour wish with our design department, research laboratory and
production facility, we have chosen the globally recognised Pantone colour system.
Pantone is a system provider working with codes that identify colours and facilitates communication.
We believe that this reduces errors and speeds up the overall production process.

Coating = 2,310 unique colours to choose from
Print = CMYK 2,868 achievable colours

As part of our coporate sustainable strategy, we aim to reduce the use of paper use where ever possible.
This starts with the traditionally used palette fanbooks. We invite you to explore the digital solutions for android and iOS:


We believe that this increases offering, facilitates interactivity, eases of communication, increases palette diversity and keeps you up to date with the latest trends.
Our sales team will happily navigate you through the system during one of our meetings.