Benefits of FASSCO Fibre Cement

Due to its strength, durability, excellent fire-safety standards and versatility in regards to design, fibrecement is an ideal construction material for exterior cladding needs.

The Facade Corporation panels are manufactured in the Hatschek process with a mixture that consists of Portland Cement, reinforced fibres, extra additives and water. Built up as a layer in the sheet formation process these are then pressed and cured. 

Below you will find a variety of other benefits that Fibrecement will offer:


Fibrecement facades are resistant to mould, rot and bacteria formation due to the innovative CLP-Shield top coat that we use at the Facae Corporation. The to the low expansion coefficient, there is also no risk of shrinkage, warping and cracking once the panels are installed. 

The panels are coated in a way that they offer great resistance to the effects of the weather and are designed to be a second layer of the building offering a 60+ added service life to buildings.

Fire Rating

All the FASSCO fibrecement products have been rigorously tested in according the the European norm EN13501-1 and have passed the fire certification of A2, s1, d0.

For more information about the testing methods, copies of the test reports or to have a chat with us about application possibilities, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

Easy Installation 

Fibrecement is light-weight yet strong and modern facade products from FASSCO can be quickly installed with efficient tools to your disposal. Our trained installation team uses battery powered tools that makes installation an easy task wherever your job site or whatever the floor of your building. At the Facade corporation we offer a variety of installation types ranging from aluminium to stainless steel sub-constructions and mechical or chemical fixing options ranging from rivet, glue and our very own ClipFix. 

For more information about our installation procedure please visit our service-Installation page. 

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fibrecement minimalist architecture


When installed according to our recommendations, an open-joint facade system by FASSCO offers the building a way to breathe and cool itself. 

The humid and intense sun conditions of the South East Asian regions, Ventilated Facades are installed like a second skin or layer to the building offering a ventilation effect. The chimney (ventilation effect) creates an air movement that helps to dissipate heat and dries the building naturally. This evidently adds to the overall service life of the building. 

Buildings with Ventilated Facades in Europe have a proven +60 service life added to the original construction 


Low Maintenance

FASSCO Fibrecement facades and other fibrecement products require extremely low maintenance. When cleaning our panels, mild detergents and high-pressure water cleaning systems can be used when cleaning the facade. The FASSCO CLP Shield offers a chemically resistant, UV and IR resistant top layer that protects the acrylic decorative paint or inorganic ink that is situated below. We offer a 20 year warranty for this.

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