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IIBC conference and event for fibre cement

IIBCC is an acronym for the International Inorganic-Bond fiber composite Conference which is the biannual conference and exhibition. The conference provides a platform for experts in the field of inorganic-bonded composites to discuss and excel in the field. It’s an open and independent platform that has multifold themes. It offers a great opportunity for researchers to showcase their abstracts and present their research.

It provides an open, independent and international platform to discuss the latest research, innovations, and technologies in the field of inorganic-bonded composites.

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iibc fibre cement conference & event

What is IIBCC? 

The event is an exhibition and a research conference in an attempt to excel in inorganic-bond fiber composite material and its application in the construction industry. The executive committee and organizers of this conference include renowned professors and industrial experts from around the world and the main aim is to share findings and collaborate in a way to promote the very idea of inorganic-bonded composites.

Professor Al Moslemi was the man behind this conference who initiated this concept in the belief that the technology of inorganic-bonded composites had a great deal of potential in meeting the needs of our society. These materials are in fact, alternative for many other buildings and industrial materials. After his death at the age of 72, a new technical committee was made in 2008 to continue providing the leadership and gather the information that can help to advance the technologies and markets for fiber cement and related composites.

IIBCC is a pre-eminent forum where representatives from around the globe gather to learn and make business and scientific contracts.

IIBCC in 2020

This year, the IIBCC organizing committee has announced that the upcoming event is scheduled in November 2020 and it will take place in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It’s another edition of the conference that is taking place in Asia. The venue is Colombo, Sri Lanka, and is scheduled between November 17 to 20, 2020. This edition has over 20+ professional speakers and 20+ international companies will be exhibiting their state-of-the-art products.

A complete day is reserved for the suppliers, exhibitors, and sponsors to present their development and products. The event provides a great environment for those who want to learn or network with like-minded people from the world. The conference encourages participation of the young and enthusiastic researchers towards the development of inorganic-bonded composites sector.

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Who Should Attend?

The conference is an ideal opportunity if you want to collaborate with leading experts having a shared interest in research. The manufacturers and suppliers share their recent developments and findings relevant to inorganic-bonded composites.

It also allows potential customers and buyers to find and get advanced products and this also stimulates contacts between researchers, manufacturers, and buyers.  

The products and technologies of inorganic-bonded composites include fiber-cement, fiber-gypsum, fiber-ceramics, wood cement products, brick, and block composites. With advanced technologies and findings we can readily witness extensive manufacturing and application of these products around the world.

The conference is also a great opportunity for architects, builders, constructors, professionals, and other users of the product to find real applications of innovative products in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

A major benefit of attending IIBCC is that you can meet and contact key decision-makers and technology developers so this conference makes every effort to facilitate such meet-ups and interactions.

The Bottom Line

So, if you’re interested in the inorganic-bonded composite industry and wanted to learn about the emerging global market this conference is a must to attend. It offers the latest technological innovations about various raw materials, industrial processes, and component designs. You’ll not only be provided with practical and applicable information about key issues of the materials but you can also liaison with industry experts to find the best solutions for your project needs.