Why Feng Shui matters in construction

interior feng shui fibre cement

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese tradition that shows the way we can enrich our lives by balancing the five elements of nature in our new construction. This has a vast influence on the environment you are living in and helps in enhancing the flow of positive energy to bring all the good things to your life.

Here, let us see how the principles of Feng Shui can be used to enhance new constructions and use some of the best materials available to add more happiness, prosperity, and good health.

feng shui construciton fibre cement

Effect of Feng Shui Influence new construction:

Feng Shui acts on the interior of a building by helping all the parts of the construction get the life energy flow. It gives tips to make the construction. 

  • On the right plot, 
  • Use the right floor plan. 
  • Design the rooms correctly, 
  • Use the right colours and decorations
  • Add the right types of fixtures, furniture, and objects in the right places.

 It also gives the best way to decorate your home with the right colours so that the five elements of Feng Shui are properly balanced inside the construction. This increases the flow of positive energy and deflects the negative energy away from the building.  

You can use this Feng Shui Color guide for adding the right colours at the right places.

By following these principles, you can add more life to the building and positively influence the lives of its inhabitants by perfectly harmonizing people with the environment. With this in mind, we see that more and more new constructions recognize the function, flow of energy, and harmonious integration of the space and energy by proper positioning of objects or structures so that there is perfect harmony with spiritual forces. 

Perfect natural harmony prevails in construction when all the five elements of Feng Shui: air, water, wood, metal, and earth are perfectly balanced. 


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Feng Shui and Colors

Colours used in the interior of construction can influence the overall Feng Shui power as they have the power to shift the flow of energy. Due to this, the Color scheme you select for your new home or office must be decided after deep consideration of various factors.


  • The good Feng Shui presence depends on the quality of light your home or office gets and the types of colours and decorations you have selected for the surrounding parts of the construction.
  • Each of them is an expression of one of the five basic elements which govern a specific part of the home or office
  • By using the particular colour that represents an element in a specific part of your home, you can strengthen the Bagua, the energy flow for that element in that area.
  • By carefully combining them in your home, you can make it a harmonious Feng Shui home.
  • You can bring in the energy you need to be a part of your home by carefully selecting the wall colour, artworks, photographs and images, and other décor items.

Know more about colours in Feng Shui here.

Feng Shui elements and their colours

  • Fire Element represents passion and high energy in your new construction, and the colours of this element must be dominant in the south Bagua area and also the Northeast and Southwest areas. For this use colours like Red, Orange, Purple, Pink and strong yellow.

o Our Fassco Fibrecement Classic panels offer the best solution for the demand of these colours in any pattern by the architects and give the designers to use these colour combinations. With the uniform and fully pigmented opaque finish, these panels are the right way of adding to or influencing any Feng Shui element in construction. 


  •  Feng Shui Element of Earth represents Nourishment and Stability to your relationships and is responsible for the health and inner balance also. It is the element of the Northeast and Southwest Bagua areas and is also the element for the centre of your office or home. The Light Yellow, Beige/Skin Color, and Earthy/Sandy Colors represent this element.

o The Pearl line of Fassco panels is available in these and other variety of colour effects with different colour gradients and gives the surface a natural look to bring in any Feng Shui effect.

How the FASSCO product line can help

  • The metal element gives sharpness, precision, and efficiency and helps you have clarity and lightness. It sustains the energy of calmness with crisp clarity with the elimination of distractions. It dominates West and Northwest Bagua areas and is represented by the colours of grey and white.
    • The  Touchline of the Fassco Fibrecement panels can be used for getting a structured surface in multi-colour spray finishes to enhance the Feng Shui elements in the building with their creative and abstract look.


  • The Water element brings in calmness, ease, purity, and freshness and is the symbol of abundance, and is a cure for wealth. It governs the North Bagua area and the. East and Southeast Bagua areas are also benefitted. Its colours are Blue and Black.
    • Our Fassco Classic panels offer the best solution for the demand of any colour or pattern by the architects and give the designers to use any colour combinations. With the uniform and fully pigmented opaque finish, these panels are the right way of adding to or influencing any Feng Shui element in construction. 
  • The Wood Element represents Growth and Vitality and gives the energy of vibrant health, vitality, and growth and symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It governs the East and Southeast Bagua areas and also benefits the south Bagua. Brown and Green are the colours for this element.
    • You can use our True range of FASSCO panels, and they are designed to give a natural look as the pigments are mixed to the slurry so that you can adjust the colour and surface in all the ways you want using our unique sanding procedure. This will help you bring in any Feng Shui effect to your interiors with natural elegance.

You can also refer to this Feng Shui colours for all the elements here.


Our Fibrecement panels are available in near to endless top-coat surface finishing, and our team have selected a small sample for you. in 2020 the Earth Tones, or chalk effect, in vibrant colours are our most popular so that you can easily make use of them to bring in the desired results in your interior Feng Shui. 

The Full Pallet colours and shades are available in the whole spectrum of colours so that you can have our panel boards to create any unique design effect or seamlessly merge with any existing colour scheme in the new construction.


Thus, the Fassco range of Fibrecement panels can be used for enhancing and altering the effects of Feng Shui effectively. With our range of products, it is now possible to aim for and implement any type of colour and surface finish to get the desired Feng Shui effect in your construction.

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