The Benefits of a Ventilated Facade

cross section of a ventilated facade

It is quite overwhelming to choose one type of ventilated facade system when the market presents a wide variety of materials. The perfect facade system will not only set the architectural tone of the whole of the building, but it will also play its part in weather resistance and longevity of the building. Hence, it is essential that you make a well-informed decision and do not jump to the conclusion.

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Fibre cement facades have long been recognized as the most popular and most demanding material for elevating of building’s decoration. A Ventilated Facade provides considerable energy savings for any building, and is not only useful contribution to climate protection, but is also an excellent opportunity to enhance the durability, appearance, and value of a building. So, whether you’re a homeowner or a novice builder, fibre cement ventilated facades has a lot to offer.
Ventilated facade made is a construction system that consists of a fibre cement panel which is fixed to a building wall using aluminium substructures. It keeps an air gap between the panel (the external layer) and the internal layer (insulation) to ensure constant ventilation of the facade.
Let’s explore how these ventilated façade of fibre cement are an attractive solution with a plethora of advantages:


Benefits of Fiber Cement Ventilated Facade

Protection from the weather 

The ventilated facade protects your building against the elements. It helps in keeping the freshness during the summer and warmth during the winter. So, if you’re looking for a reliable cladding system that can effectively protect the building and its structure from the elements for a long time, fibre cement facade cladding system is the way to go.

Insulation from sun

Fibre cement ventilated façade is an exceptional reflector of solar radiation. In summers, the heat is accumulated only on the surface layer and is not passed onto the underlying layers. This heat, afterwards, escapes the wall because of the ventilation due to the air gap.

UV/IR protection

Due to its durability and enhanced resistance against solar radiations, it acts as a barrier in blocking harmful UV / IR radiation. There’s a guaranteed overall resistance against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiations. So, the occupants of the building will be protected against exposure to such radiations.

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The aesthetic touch

Being the most important architectural feature, the facade of the building has to give the beauty and style. Due to its availability in an endless array of shapes and colour, the ventilated facade has a lot to offer in terms of enhancing the building’s appearance. They are a pretty adaptive system that can be combined in different shapes and colour, allowing you to give your building various designs, as desired.
Because of enhanced manufacturing facilities and technologies, the fibre cement panels can be made with endless possibilities in terms of tone and texture. They are easy to replicate any cladding systems.

Reduced Maintenance and easy to renovate

Although these panels are non-combustible and are extremely virtually maintenance-free, yet if things go south, it can be easily renovated. They are lightweight and easy to work with. These panels can be installed easily, regardless of temperature and weather.

Acoustic insulation

Although fibre cement sheets alone are poorly rated in terms of sound transmission, the additional layers of cladding system provide an opportunity for improved acoustic insulation. There are special-designed fibre cement insulated panels that provide perfect acoustic performance.

Energy Efficiency and Reduce mould/fungus issues 

With fibre cement facade; there will be a constant air circulation that optimizes the efficiency of your insulation. Because of the flawless thermal insulation layer, you’ll enjoy considerable savings for cooling and heating energy. The air gap of the system helps prevent the water from going inward. Most of the rainwater will run down the face of the material while remaining will evaporate as it will be able to escape from the air gap and back of the panel so, as it reduces humidity so there will be no problem of mould, fungi, and rot.

The bottom Line

Ventilated facade made of fibre cement is a high-quality wall-cladding system that can take the appearance of any building to the next level of modernity. In recent years, it has emerged as a popular choice of cladding type due to multifold benefits for the homeowner. So, whether you’re looking to enlist your property for sale or want to enhance the comfort level of your home, these ventilated facades made of fibre cement are a perfect choice. 

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