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Our promises

Our promises

We only use high density boards procured from Eternit, Germany. The advantage being its strength, durability and thus improved service life.
Thanks to our coating process along with the innovative CLP Shield, we are able to offer a long lasting finish that will not be affected by UV or IR radiation.
High-Density boards, innovative coating and good installation prevents warping and bowing.
Our products and services are made to order. We have not minimum order quantity. We don't stock-pile or use B-grade stock.
We offer full support from consulting, engineering, production, installation and maintenance.
... and a 60 year proven service-life.

Sustainable Management

For us, economical and environmental sustainability has the highest priority. To protect our planet for the next generation, but also to streamline operations in order to make best use of energy and raw material consumption.

Our boards are produced to ISO 14001:2015, which sets out the criteria for an environmental management system, and maps out a framework that a company or organisation can follow to set up an effective environmental management system. ISO 14001:2015 can provide assurance to company management and employees, as well as external stakeholders that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

FASSCO rejects the use of hazardous materials. The fibrecement boards are asbestos free and the coatings are made of water-based emulsion paints and crosslinked resins that reject the use of solvents.

“According to the United Nations, 40% of the world’s energy consumption (and approximately one-third of greenhouse gas emissions) can be attributed to buildings.” Here at FASSCO, we strive to be the front-runners at improving our carbon emission at all levels. Finishing as much work off-site and preparing in advance, allows us to cut transport distances, in-turn reducing our carbon footprint. The CO2 emissions for FASSCOs panels are 30Kg/m2 and therefore lower than other materials typically used in Ventilated Facades.

When a building or a facade comes to the end of its service life our panels can be re-used, if properly dismantled. Alternatively, they can be recycled as a secondary raw material in cement production or as foundation material in road construction.

The intrinsic properties of a FASSCO panels and its manufacturing process help to slow down the depletion of natural resources and helps to maintain an ecological balance. FASSCO panels make up part of the ventilated facade system, which is a major contributor to energy savings in a building.



Fibrecement is a composite building material, made of a mixture of cement, fillers, organic reinforcement fibres and water. This mixture is shaped to thin sheets and cured and dried subsequently. There are different raw material compositions and curing technologies in use for production of fibrecement building boards. FASSCO panels are traditional cement boards, reinforced by high performance textile fibres, densified and cured in natural atmospheric environment. Other technologies use cellulose fibres for reinforcement, but need to transform cement to calcium silicate minerals by high temperature treatment in a pressure vessel (autoclave reaction).

FASSCO panels are produced according to the European Standard for fibrecement flat boards EN 12467. This standard defines all parameters related to panel geometry, mechanical strength, durability and fire performance that are relevant for a safe and durable use of the panels in ventilated facade systems. Facade Corporation Co.Ltd. issues a Declaration of Performance for its FASSCO panels.

The coating system on FASSCO panels consists of several layers of polymer resins with high resistance against water and sunlight radiation (UV radiation). All plain or printed colours and optical effects are obtained by entirely UV resistant, mineral pigments and additives that are imbedded in these resins. FASCCO uses exclusively mineral (inorganic) pigments, that makes colours on FASSCO panels weather resistant and durable.

FASSCO panels can be fixed to standard sub-structures of aluminium or galvanized steel elements. There is a choice between standard mechanical fixing by rivets and non-visible, concealed fixing by adhesive or by a mechanical anchor system. The exact fixing parameters will be provided by FASSCO.

FASSCO fibrecement panels are made of incombustible cement and a small amount of organic reinforcement fibres. FASSCO panels resist to high temperatures without burning, disintegration, delaminating or melting. They are classified ‘non-combustible” according the European Standard EN 13501-1. This allows to design a facade without fire barriers on each floor and draw full benefit of the chimney effect of the ventilated facade.

Yes, they can. FASSCO high density fibrecement panels are intrinsically water resistant. All surface treatments and coatings on FASSCO panels are equally water resistant. The panels are therefore fit for installations in wet areas. The panels are coated on six sides. However, in order to avoid accidental excessive water absorption through cut edges, it is recommended to close joints between panels by a standard silicone based joint filler.