IIBCC | What, Where and When

iibc fibre cement conference & event

The IIBCC (International Inorganic-Bonded Fibre Composite) Conference is a bi-annual event bringing together the leaders, minds and interests of the worlds Fibre Cement community.

The importance of Colour in construction

colourful facade cladding by fassco

While the architecture of a building impacts our lives in several different dimensions, choosing the colours in construction make a building way more influential.  The use of colour in architecture has evolved a lot in the past few years. Although it has a lot to do with the subconscious, colours play a vital role in creating harmony

The Benefits of a Ventilated Facade

Ventilated Facade cladding installed by man

It is quite overwhelming to choose one type of ventilated facade system when the market presents a wide variety of materials. The perfect facade system will not only set the architectural tone of the whole of the building, but it will also play its part in weather resistance and longevity of the building. Hence, it

Why Feng Shui matters in construction

feng shui skyline of construction high rise

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese tradition that shows the way we can enrich our lives by balancing the five elements of nature in our new construction. This has a vast influence on the environment you are living in and helps in enhancing the flow of positive energy to bring all the good things to

Benefits of FASSCO Fibre Cement

Due to its strength, durability, excellent fire-safety standards and versatility in regards to design, fibrecement is an ideal construction material for exterior cladding needs. The Facade Corporation panels are manufactured in the Hatschek process with a mixture that consists of Portland Cement, reinforced fibres, extra additives and water. Built up as a layer in the